pre-k through grade 8


Welcome to The Catholic Academy of Stamford!


Since 2017, The Catholic Academy of Stamford has served the Stamford area community. And as our Mission Statement says:


We form and nurture our children – grades PreK 3 through grade 8- in the Gospel values of our Catholic Faith. We educate in a superior academic environment where we challenge our children to discover and fully develop their unique talents and abilities. We encourage our children to love God, love learning……. and love one another.”    


I’d like to tell you about “The Academy” – this school that I am so proud of.


One of the first things you notice when you visit our school is the environment. Here on Newfield Avenue in Stamford, our students are taught in safe, nurturing environments that markedly improve students’ ability to learn.


Our small class sizes are optimized for personalized learning in an effective environment.

This will continue to allow teachers to help build strong foundations for life-long learning. Indeed, we DO build strong foundations at The Academy.  


Our students are formed in the Gospel values of the Catholic faith. Here, your child enjoys a transformative faith-filled experience where our students become whole and giving citizens who, when they graduate, leave us knowing God, loving God, and desiring to serve God in the world that is now open to possibilities for them.


Our students are provided with a superior academic experience. Your child will be challenged through rigorous, personalized learning, advanced robotics, sciences, and STEM courses throughout their school experience.


Our students and their parents and grandparents form a family of faith where relationships begin as young as 3 years old and often last a lifetime.

I’ve been an educator and administrator for nearly forty years. I truly believe The Catholic Academy of Stamford is a tremendous value for your family, and an option worth looking into for your child’s education. And so, I invite you to see for yourselves everything the Catholic Academy has to offer. Come – Take a Look!


Ms. Patricia E. Brady

Head of School                                                                 

The Catholic Academy of Stamford