pre-k through grade 8


We have three beautiful outdoor classrooms that were constructed in August of 2020. Each classroom is sized for different grades with tree stump stools.


The first classroom fits our PreK 3 – 1st Grade students, our second outdoor space has tree stumps a bit higher to fit our 2nd – 4th Grade students. And our third outdoor classroom has larger tree stump stools just right for our 5th – 8th Grade students. Our students love to learn and study in the fresh air and sunshine (or shade)! 


Our students get to name each outdoor space every year and their custom-made  banner is displayed all year long. During our school’s largest fundraiser, our cash raffle, we run a “raffle within a raffle.” Our raffle committee tracks all tickets purchased by students for the entire selling period and the top selling students are rewarded with the ability to name our outdoor learning spaces for the year! This year, our outdoor classrooms will be named: Sophie’s Sanctuary, Penny Lane and Sonic Space. Congratulations to all our winners and good luck next year! We started this tradition in 2020.