pre-k through grade 8


hear from OUR STUDENTS

“Being at CAS has helped me to learn more about my faith and God. And the teachers are so, so caring. And you stay really close with your friends that you have had since kindergarten. CAS is the best choice I’ve ever made.”


Grade 5

“Being at CAS has strengthened my writing. It has made my writing more descriptive and it has made me think about my word choices. It has really made me academic, and has challenged my mind to push past my limits.”


Grade 5

“I love all of the fun science experiments we do at CAS.”


Grade 1

“Being at CAS has helped me be more social by making tons of friends. The events and after school clubs help me meet new people and more friends. Moving here was not hard because so many people welcomed me here.”


Grade 5

“I learn about God’s Heart and His Happiness”


Grade 1

“CAS makes me feel good and I’m thankful for my teachers. They tell me more about God that I don’t know. Miss Brady is the principal and she helps us. She guides everyone in the school and does a good job!”


Grade 2
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hear from OUR PARENTS

“We LOVE CAS! The teachers are amazing. One of the many things that we love about Catholic Academy is that we are all one big family. The teachers, staff, parents and children all work together to promote togetherness, while focusing on the importance of faith in our daily lives.”  Robin & Vincent Serricchio


Grade 5

“The CAS teachers are one of a kind. They  are invested not only in the academic achievement of their students, but in each individual’s personal development and growth. All of the teachers with whom I have interacted revealed a deep understanding of my children and their needs. The community that has been created by these educators is one of warmth and inclusion, where all students can feel safe and excited to learn.” Grades: PreK 3, 2nd & 4th 

Martin Family

“CAS Family as we lovingly call them, are teachers and staff who are simply unique. Everyone here is fully invested in the WHOLE of our children not just academically, but the growth of their character too. There is no better place than CAS to start a child’s joyful educational journey where kids come out feeling confident, competent learners that will serve them well throughout their life.”  Grades 1 & 6

Thota Family

“We always knew sending our daughter to CAS was a good decision. To see what she has achieved and what she has learned make us very proud to be part of the CAS community! We are very impressed and the result is clear in our daughter’s life.” Grade 6

Lamothe Family

“Throughout the last three years, all CAS teachers have all helped our son in different ways to become a confident student. All have been proactive to help him achieve their classroom goals. His teacher’s lines of communication are always open. They utilize all tools in their toolboxes to achieve their high expectations with plenty of positive support.” Kristen Delmonico


Grade 1

“The moment we walked through the doors at Open House, we knew we had made the right decision for our daughter and son. CAS stands by its values and is genuinely dedicated and invested in each students growth and education.” Grades Kindergarten & 2nd

Taylor Family

“The teachers at CAS have a special way to invite all children into a safe and encouraging environment. We feel at ease each day, as we send our daughter to school to learn, develop friendships and become better versed in our faith. On top of that, they have become a regular part of our dinner conversations; as our daughter shares how they made her laugh, smile or learn something new.” Jennifer Restrepo


Grade 1
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