pre-k through grade 8

Catholic Identity AND SERVICE

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The Catholic Academy of Stamford students recognize the importance of nourishing the whole person- body, mind and spirit. Our spiritual emphasis is in the authentic Catholic Christian tradition.


All students and teachers begin each day with prayers and bible reflections, practiced in every class and practiced together over the school PA system before morning announcements. Additionally, every student takes religion classes and studies the Word of God and our Faith more fully throughout their entire experience at The Academy.


Additionally, individual prayer and reflection time, the learning of the Prayers of our Faith, their recitation and the regular recitation of the Rosary led by our Head of School enhance students’ prayer lives and make them come alive.




All students attend mass as a school family. Many girls and boys serve as altar servers, readers, gift-bearers, hand out programs and other participation service in the mass. First Friday masses, Holidays, Holydays- our students are engulfed in the practice of faith and worship through our neighbor parish of St. Cecilia – St. Gabriel Parish Church.


Throughout the year, special emphasis is placed on the teaching and understanding of Gospel values. Values such as Respect, Compassion and other values and virtues are emphasized and reinforced each month through reading, teaching and reinforcement in many real-life activities at CAS.


Service- to God, others and the community- is a regular part of spiritual life and service. Students actively participate in food drives, clothing drives, visits to nursing homes and veteran’s hospitals, special needs and many other projects throughout the school year. Additionally, students are encouraged to create their own personal service or community projects and encourage others to participate.


Our students fully-participate in the events of our faith throughout the calendar year. These include acts of Thanksgiving, Christmas Drives and Celebrations, Catholic Schools Week, May Crowning’s and many other events. These acts create a lifelong love of and practice of the breadth of our faith.