pre-k through grade 8

cas grows garden

Established in 2021, our CAS Grows Garden gives everyone an opportunity to get involved with hands-on, age-appropriate exercises that make learning about nature and growing food fun! Student gardeners plant seasonal vegetables from seed, and learn how to take care of the plants as they grow… all the way to enjoying them at harvest time. We learn about flowers and insects and their roles in the systems of the garden, as well as the various plants’ needs, soil health, fantastic fungi, and the nutritional benefits of the fruits and vegetables we grow. Our students create the art that decorates the landscape, hear stories from our outdoor library of garden-themed books, play informational games, do scavenger hunts, design educational posters, sample smoothie and salad recipes, and engage in a whole host of other beneficial activities such as breathing exercises and journaling. They even created their own unique garden holiday that we celebrate every spring! Students are encouraged to work as a team, be creative, and ask questions. They utilize science and math, fine and gross motor skills, and all five senses. In the CAS Grows Garden, we work to plant the seeds of healthy bodies, minds and spirits, and strengthen students’ wellbeing through discovery, gratitude, movement, fresh air, curiosity and camaraderie with nature!