pre-k through grade 8

middle SCHOOL

Middle School at CAS is a time for students to find their voice, stretch their intellectual muscles, and learn what kind of student they want to be. It is also a time for them to learn what kind of person they want to be, as a more purposeful blending of faith, academics, and social dynamics guides these often-complicated years.


The program for 6th through 8th graders is the final phase of CAS’s deliberate sequence of skill-building—a process that ushers children from emerging learners into a world that revolves around them to become accomplished students who understand their responsibility to serve a wider world. CAS middle school students embrace a myriad of opportunities that grow and form their mind, body, and spirit while preparing them for success in high school.


Middle School students follow an increasingly demanding academic program that includes meaningful real-world applications and practice. 


English Language & Literature

  • Literature selections explore various genres including coming of age, fantasy, historical fiction, and classics to discern nuanced meaning, write critically, and practice public speaking.
  • Collaborative work, design challenges, research, and presentations, provide experiences that enhance understanding of content.



  • Increasing number sense with real-world applications
  • Exploring probability, data analysis, and problem-solving
  • Building facility with complex mathematical equations



  • Life sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Engineering (energy, structures, and machines)


Social Studies

  • Geography and the rise of civilizations
  • American History, Middle Ages, Renaissance



  • Building on elementary school foundations, students expand their knowledge of the language
  • Emphasis is on language acquisition and culture awareness.



  • The profession of faith, worship & sacraments, community & service, Christian morality, and prayer
  • Advancing knowledge and understanding of faith, liturgical education, moral formation, prayer, and missionary initiation



  • Each grade builds on skills, vocabulary, and safe handling practices while increasing the ability for creative self-expression.
  • Students work in a wide range of media including drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, printmaking, fiber arts, and sculpture.