pre-k through grade 8

elementary SCHOOL

The Elementary School years are a growth spurt. Children start to discover themselves as part of a larger community. Socially, there is increased intentionality around interactions with others. Intellectually, foundational skills take hold and little minds expand with wonder. Physically, all motor skills develop seamlessly, and spiritually, God’s presence starts to have real meaning and relevance in their lives.


At CAS, teachers embrace this time to help students advance according to developmental readiness. A sequential curriculum gives teachers a baseline for achievement. Then each teacher’s creativity, understanding of the subject matter, and love for students brings the content alive. Traditional disciplines like cursive handwriting are still valued as foundational tools, while technology fosters student engagement, encourages active participation, and supports different learning styles. Teachers are instructors and also facilitators, as hands-on projects let students approach content from a new perspective.


Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade follow a progressively robust academic program that always includes real-world applications and practice.


Language Arts (English reading, writing, and public speaking)

  • Beginning with decoding sounds and written letters, words, and sentences
  • Developing creative and persuasive writing skills


  • Beginning identifying, writing, and comparing numbers and shapes with real-world applications
  • Advancing facility with fractions, word problems, decimals, and complex multiplication and division functions


  • Introducing earth science, life science, and physical science
  • Exploring energy, Earth & the Solar System, and environmental science

Social Studies

  • Beginning concepts of community, holidays, geography, and government/civics
  • Advancing an understanding of Native Americans, European explorers, and the European colonization in the West
  • Understanding different cultures


  • A scaffolded program using songs, video, role-playing, art, and flashcards
  • Repeating and reviewing vocabulary and phrases annually to build a solid foundation


  • Beginning profession of faith, worship & sacraments, community & service, Christian morality, and prayer
  • Advancing knowledge and understanding of faith, liturgical education, moral formation, prayer, and missionary initiation


  • Each grade builds on skills, vocabulary, and safe handling practices while increasing the ability for creative self-expression.
  • Students work in a wide range of media including drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, printmaking, fiber arts, and sculpture.